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The EP in 7 steps A recap of the the key procedural steps involved in the use of the Equivalence Process (the Process flow) http://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/files/resources/GSCP/Equivalence_Process/EP_key_steps.pdf
Registration Form Content Information The Registration Form you are asked to fill in is essential and lengthy and needs to be completed online in one sitting. This document gives you a view and detail of all the questions asked with examples of input, and therefore of the information you should collect before starting to fill in your Registration Form. http://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/files/resources/GSCP/Equivalence_Process/EP_Registration_Form.pdf
Agreement for the Equivalence Process Users of the Equivalence Process are asked to read and acknowledge online the Agreement for the Equivalence Process. This Agreement includes the Terms & Conditions and the Rules of Engagement which govern the use of the Equivalence Process. http://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/files/resources/GSCP/Equivalence_Process/EP_Agreement.pdf
Detailed Fees for the Equivalence Process Different fees apply to the Self-Assessment and to the Equivalence Assessment. Different fees also apply to GSCP members and non-members. Follow this link to access this information and details on what the fee covers. http://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/files/resources/GSCP/Equivalence_Process/EP_Fee_Structure.pdf
Panel of Experts A Panel of Experts is a group of independent individuals with expertise in social and/or environmental compliance, tasked with reviewing and validating a User's Self-Assessment - therefore performing their Equivalence Assessment. More info here http://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/files/resources/GSCP/Equivalence_Process/EP_Experts_Register.pdf
Grading Methodology This document provides an overview of the EP grading methodology. http://www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/files/resources/GSCP/Equivalence_Process/EP_Grading.pdf