Welcome to the GSCP Equivalence Process

Variations in social compliance and environmental compliance standards, audit process and methodology as well as requirements for auditing competence make it difficult for Organisations to recognise and accept audit reports coming from other social / environmental compliance schemes. The GSCP Equivalence Process will help companies and initiatives overcome this by allowing them to benchmark their systems, tools and processes against agreed best existing practice as described in the GSCP reference tools.

The Equivalence Process comprises 2 tools :

1 Self-Assessment

2 Equivalence Assessment

The companies / initiatives assess their internal tools, systems and methodology through a point by point check against each GSCP reference tool.

Objective: to assess where they stand, and what may need to be reviewed to reach best practice.

An independent Panel of experts validates the Self-Assessment.

Objective: the companies / initiatives can exchange their Equivalence Assessments. It allows transparency, comparability and trust, and facilitates further collaboration.

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As a first step you will need to register for the Self-Assessment (internal assessment purposes). Your decision to go through the Equivalence Assessment (sharing and collaboration) can be made then or at a later stage.

The purpose of the GSCP Equivalence Process is :
  • to contribute to the definition and delivery of a clear and consistent message towards global suppliers based on best existing practice
  • to build comparability and transparency between existing schemes while allowing them to maintain their specificities
  • to allow interested parties to trust each other’s audit reports with a view to drive out duplication in auditing

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